🌟Welcome Stable Metal DAO

Startup Stable Metal (STBL) is being developed as an alternative to the classic participation in the metal market

In a world shaped by increasing environmental challenges, finding alternative ways to create and preserve value is more important than ever. And that's exactly what we're doing with Stable Metal. We have acquired a unique slag that has lingered untouched in one place for 1400 years. This slag contains valuable precious metals such as gold, silver, copper, platinum and palladium and is worth tens of billions of euros. But instead of mining these valuable raw materials and polluting the environment, we have decided to use this slag as value for new stable coin. We believe this is a unique approach that not only helps us to create and preserve value, but also to shape a sustainable future.

Stable Metal jetton (TON)- STBL is a cryptocurrency backed by the slag. This means that every coin we issue is backed by a fixed equivalent of commodities. In this way we create complete transparency and trust in our currency and offer investors a safe and stable investment. Stable Metal goal is to create a new era of sustainable management in which environmental compatibility and resource conservation are the focus. By using this unique slag as value for our stable coin, we show that it is possible to create value without harming the environment. We are proud to be part of this movement and invite investors and enthusiasts to join us. Together we can create a better future - a future built on sustainability, transparency and trust.

The user has a unique opportunity to become a co-founder of our startup and take part in various rounds. The risks are minimal, since real metal is attached to each package - the amount of metal depends on the amount of tokens spent during the purchase, users will be able to exchange their tokens for real metal.

The list of available metals will be updated, it is worth paying attention that the smelting time for different metals is different - since different technologies are involved. For example, smelting Iridium will take 18 months, while copper ingots will be available after 9 months.

Startup goals:

  1. Smelt 25k tons of slag

  2. Create a unique metal exchange based on blockchain technology

  3. Apply TON blockchain technology to the metal industry

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